Exploring the Newport Harbor Yacht Club

Situated in Balboa Peninsula, the Newport Harbor Yacht Club  has much to offer to residents and members. With its expansive facilities and junior programs, there is something for everyone who enjoys the yachting lifestyle.

Newport Harbor Yacht Club Facilities

The Newport Harbor Yacht Club features mooring cans along with wet and dry slips that are available for members and guests. While the wet slips can accommodate boats up to 55 eat in length, the dry slips are meant for smaller boats measuring up to 25 feet in length. Open five days per week, the yacht club also offers a full-time dock staff and a shore boat.

The clubhouse at Newport Harbor Yacht Club dates back to 1919, with the club having applied for a building permit to replace the building with a larger and more modern facility. Some of the other amenities of the yacht club include a main dining room with outdoor seating, a pavilion equipped with a barbecue and snack bar and a private beach. The Newport Harbor Yacht Club also leases Moonstone cove, which is located on Santa Catalina Island

Newport Harbor Yacht Club Fleets

The Newport Harbor Yacht Club is home to a number of fleets, several of which race on a regular basis with many of the larger boats racing outside of Newport Harbor in the Pacific Ocean. Some of the fleets found at Newport Harbor Yacht Club include Finss, FJs, Harbor 20s, Lehman 12s Naples Sabots and Stars. The adult women’s Sabot fleet is also found at the yacht club.

Regattas at Newport Harbor Yacht Club

The Newport Harbor Yacht Club host many national and international regattas each year. Some of the regattas that have taken place at the Newport Harbor Yacht Club include:

• Annual Baldwin Cup
• Bi-annual Newport Beach to Cabo San Lucas race
• Sabot Nationals 2011
• Snipe North American Championship
• Star North Americans

The Junior Sailing Program at Newport Harbor Yacht Club

The Newport Harbor Yacht Club offers a junior sailing program that includes a full-time junior program director, coaches, administrative staff and maintenance. The club also offers a variety of facilities that are available to junior sailing members, including Sabot and Laser storage space, a junior clubhouse, a tool room, sail and boat wash areas, a launching ramp and two cranes.

As part of its commitment to reaching out to youth, the Newport Harbor Beach Club offers a number of youth-centered programs throughout the year. This includes a summer program that includes beginner level classes and intermediate racing classes that are available to children after they have completed first grade. Youth can continue to participate in the summer program, which focuses on improving racing skills and preparing participants for regattas, through high school.

The club also offers a Family Fun Night in the summer as well as the Super Sail Saturday program in the winter and early spring. This program provides junior sailors with the opportunity to get out on the water and continue to gain experience 1 to 2 times per month. Practices run from 1:00 until 4:00 pm and focus on different techniques, including starting tactics, boat-handling skills, racing rules and racing techniques.

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